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Fizzo is a mobile reading app with a diverse set of immersive novels and stories. Topics range from romance to werewolves, vampires, adventure and more.
Readers on Fizzo can enjoy a better experience of reading novels and stories with the following great features:
⚡️A wide variety of high quality novels and e-books no matter where or when you are reading;
⚡️The ability to download your favorite stories for offline access to all the stories, novels and books you like;
⚡️ Create a personal novel library to store your favorite books and novels in one place and keep up with all the novels' updates all the time;
⚡️A customized novel reading page;
⚡️Audio features for those who prefer to listen to books or novels rather than read them.
Fizzo is also a writer-friendly reading app:
⚡️Become a writer, and you can write your own stories or novels and get paid;
⚡️Join the authors' club, so you can communicate with other writers;
⚡️Share all your feelings and ideas when you interact with your readers in the comment area;
⚡️Tell us all the problems you have and we can improve together.

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Fizzo - Read good novels
Fizzo - Read good novels
Fizzo - Read good novels
Fizzo - Read good novels


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