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Pop Party is a game with a variety of casual slot games, perfect for casino game enthusiasts.If you like exciting slots games with huge odds, then Pop Party can give you the experience you want.
Oiran is a slot machine game with 50 winning lines. The game uses Japanese geisha elements and beautiful cherry blossom special effects to bring players a different slot machine experience. During the free game, the WILD pattern will occupy more positions, and there is a chance to double the connection rewards, making it easier for players to obtain winning connections. In the Oiran slot machine, the staying and spinning game is also a game feature. Players can get big prizes or grand jackpot through this gameplay. It is a slot machine game that you will never get tired of playing.
Vegas is another great slot machine with 25 winning lines. This is the perfect game for beginners because there are no complicated rules and the structure is easy to understand.The features and prizes is easy to understand may mean that more advanced players find it too simplistic. But despite the entry level set-up, the game is thoroughly entertaining with smooth and flawless play.If you are looking for one of the potentially big payouts, this slot machine is definitely a good fit for you.
Monkey King
Monkey King is a classic slot game with 243 winning lines. Among them, the pictures of the Monkey King are exquisite, such as the waving golden cudgel, the moving peach and so on. The gameplay is simple and interesting, and players can easily have fun in the spin. Among them, there is a bonus game which call BURST GAME with great game characteristics of Monkey King Slot. When the player spin to the BURST pattern, the current bonus will be settled and issued to the player immediately. Let players win more readily and quickly. Of course, players can also get high bonuses or grand jackpot by staying and spinning game.
God of Fortune
The game God of Fotune is a classic slot game with 243 winning lines.The god of fortune is blessing the world in Lunar New Year. And his gift is of course, fortune! The theme of the game transports you instantly to China where you’ll find yourself surrounded by traditional symbols and accompanied by an Asian soundtrack. The God of Fortune is on your side! Enjoy the richness of the red and gold Chinese setting and make the most of the lucky items on the reels! Showers of gold coins await you, if only you ask!

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