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Description All Jumpscare is a famous and addictive horror game. This is the first mobile game that allows you to choose between a player character or a monster.
▪️ In player mode, you need to try to create a giant toy and must try to survive the scary monster that is hanging around the toy factory.
▪️ In monster mode, the goal is to find and kill all players before they complete the quest. All Jumpscare - Chapter 3 was once the king of the toy industry, until one day everyone inside the factory disappeared into thin air. Is the disappearance of the staff due to the rebellion of a series of toys? It's so scary! Now, years later, you must explore the abandoned factory and find out the truth. All Jumpscare game mode:
♦️ Collect the toy
♦️ Mission Impossible
♦️ Board the train
HOW TO SURVIVE - Avoid the Monster

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