STRIKERS 1945 Collection

STRIKERS 1945 Collection



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▣ Enjoy the best shooting game series at the same place! ▣
- Experience original shooting games like in STRIKERS 1945 Collection.
◈ The most popular shooting games of neglect!
- A total of 40 Characters and fancy skills!
- Stages are progressed without access!
- You can enjoy arcade shooting games of neglect during a busy day!
◈ Various contents unparalleled!
- A Magic square can make your characters more powerful!
- Infinite tower will provide special runes!
- Gain a victory and be the ranker on PVP!
- You can get various helpful items in Dungeon!
- Make your characters' grade higher with synthesis system!
- Arrange 4 parties and get rewards at a certain time through pioneer system!
◈ Easy operation method
- Attack automatically! Just drag your characters to move!
- It will be changed operation mode when you touch the character!
◈ Funny puzzle making!
- Obtain puzzle piece in action to finish the puzzle!
- If you finish the puzzle, you can buy that character with specific coin!
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STRIKERS 1945 Collection
STRIKERS 1945 Collection
STRIKERS 1945 Collection
STRIKERS 1945 Collection


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