Logic Puzzles - brain riddles

Logic Puzzles - brain riddles


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Welcome to a brand-new logic game from the developer of the prominent Sudoku.com and Nonogram.com free puzzle games. Dive into exciting stories with cross logic puzzles, challenge your brain, and solve the riddles!

This fun yet challenging brain puzzle game with simple rules may help to strengthen logical thinking and deductive reasoning. Try to solve all the smart riddles grouped into thematic stories that are sure to delight in this one of the most exciting brain games. Help Detective Grapes investigate a necklace theft, participate in vacation planning for a young couple, or even go on a space expedition in these logic puzzles. You will find many mind-bending stories with varied plots and tricky solutions. If you are interested in solving logic problems, play this engaging brain game and have hours of fun!

How to play a logic puzzle game:
• The goal of these brain teasers is to match all parameters in the grid correctly
• Each logic puzzle contains several categories and an equal number of parameters within each category
• Each parameter in the riddles can be matched to only one other parameter in each category
• A logic grid puzzle is solved by making conclusions based on a limited number of clues
• Read clues for the riddles and put ticks in the table accordingly
• Rule out incorrect options and place crosses
• Use reasoning, elimination, and pure logic to fill the remaining cells and deduce the whole brain puzzle!

What you get in this brain game:
• Easy to learn logic grid puzzles
• Tons of free brain-teasing logic riddles for you to enjoy
• Unique logic puzzle pages grouped into various entertaining stories for every taste
• Hints to help you reach the goal of this riddle game faster
• No time limit, take your time and focus on the details playing cross logic riddles
• Top-notch quality from a top puzzle developer!

Try Logic Puzzles now, put your gray matter to work, and have fun with one of the most captivating brain games!

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Logic Puzzles - brain riddles
Logic Puzzles - brain riddles
Logic Puzzles - brain riddles
Logic Puzzles - brain riddles


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