А4 Прятки - прячься или ищи

А4 Прятки - прячься или ищи




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One, two, three, four, five. Everybody…HIDE! Try our brand-new game! No matter if you prefer hiding or seeking for other players. - Start the game and make your choice!
To hide properly, you'll have to turn into a lamp, a slot machine, or ... a toilet. Be careful, don't give yourself away! It's not so easy to hide in the store if you're a toilet;)
★ 2 game modules
- You’re the hunter
You have 1 minute to find all five players. Use your brain and little tricks to win. If you stand near a hiding person for a long time, they will start jumping and give themselves away. After all, even the most experienced players lose their nerves!
- You're hiding
You have only 30 seconds to hide. Look for a suitable place and try to blend in with the interior. Otherwise, you risk losing a game and getting hit over the head with a baseball bat. But for each round you win, you'll get the money that can be spent on buying awesome characters.
★ Cool locations
A fun park, a shopping mall, a crowded street, and many more!
★ Awesome characters
Vlad A4, Kobyakov, Serge, Glent, Emo, Punk, Dad, Model, Zombie, Banana Man
★ Loot boxes
Find them, open them, and get your gifts (money or skins)!
Download the app, tell your friends about it, and join the game!
Share your impressions about the app in the comments. We read every review;)

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А4 Прятки - прячься или ищи
А4 Прятки - прячься или ищи
А4 Прятки - прячься или ищи
А4 Прятки - прячься или ищи


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