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Enjoy the experience of TV streaming, watching and/or downloading TV series & trending videos, reading the latest news, listening to radio, audio series, podcasts, music and also participating in talent search auditions in just one app that you can access anywhere and anytime for free.
As a Superapp, RCTI+ provides your favorite and latest events, such as football, music shows & awards, competition, TV series, and many more. 5 FEATURES OF RCTI+ Superapp:
1. Video+
Watch indonesia TV online such as RCTI, MNCTV, GTV, and iNews. Latest TV shows such as Ikatan Cinta and IPA & IPS can be streamed online. Even more shows such as Putri untuk Pangeran, Amanah Wali 5, Dunia Terbalik, and Roman Picisan are accessible with full episodes.
2. News+
Read the latest news and information from different sources. Various channels providing trusted and reliable information for the readers. Select category you want easily in the category tab such as Popular, National, Sport, Economy, Lifestyle, Seleb, Teknologi, and more than 8 other categories.
3. Audio+
Stream local and several international radio station. Listen to various exciting podcasts such as Kata Dochi Podcast, Podcast Porno by Onadio Leonardo, Love Story Podcast by Raden Rauf, and many more. You could enjoy audio series like Ikatan Cinta, Tukang Ojek Pengkolan, Kutukan di Kolong Casablanca, etc.
4. HOT+ (Home Of Talent+)
Home of Talent is a feature from RCTI+ that has a various and fun challenges. Everyone can join and just by joining the challenges, you can win a total prize of a hundred millions rupiah.
Whoever you are, you could be a content creator and get viral.

5. Trebel – Your Music, Your Way
Enjoy and find your favorite music from the world's biggest record labels and major independent distributors.
- Free of Charge
Everything you can enjoy for free with a selection of complete music collections
- Song ID
Special features that will help you know what song is playing
- Download Feature
Choose and download your own from millions of songs with a catalog of options that are constantly updated every day.
- Chart
Knowing the music charts based on the popularity of a song with a category at a certain time.
Why you must have it?
- Free of charge
- Interactive chat
- Watching Indonesia Television without buffering
- VOD FTA Library that fast upload
- Various exclusive contents only aired on RCTI+, such as Nobar Ikatan Cinta, talkshow with tv series actress/actor (Backstage, Bloopers, and many more)
- Voting: In this feature, you can vote your idol to win a nomination, such as the Billboard Indonesia Music Award

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RCTI+ Superapp
RCTI+ Superapp
RCTI+ Superapp
RCTI+ Superapp



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