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SouzaSim Project is a recreation of the original SouzaSim idea of the game.
SouzaSim is all about tuning: change the exhaust, rims, headlights, lower your bike by configuring the suspension and much more. Almost every part of your bike is customizable. You can also choose the color of the parts to fit your style.
Deep dirt and tarmac physics to get the best possible experience riding a bike, realistic sound and engine behavior!
Try out your bike on 7 different racing tracks: race track, two dirt tracks, two road tracks, and two training tracks. Set the best time you can!
You can choose between a male and a female character. Customize the clothes of your character by your liking.
Where do I buy new parts for my bike?
Go to "Ride" make a turn right then again right and go straight till you see a long green tube that's where the tuning shop is.
Why does my game have hickups and low framerate?
Go to graphic settings disable "Terrain Deformation" if that not fixing your frame rate tries to decrease resolution and texture quality.
Where do the "PhotoMode" pictures are saved?
(This game is still under developing and might have bugs, many more features would be available in near future)

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SouzaSim Project
SouzaSim Project
SouzaSim Project
SouzaSim Project


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