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The Bridgefy App lets you send offline messages to friends and family within 330 ft (100 m) when you don't have access to Internet, by simply turning on your Bluetooth antenna. Bridgefy is ideal for traveling, natural disasters, rural communities, music festivals, sports stadiums, and much more.
Use the Broadcast tab of the app so you can chat with other Bridgefy users within your Bluetooth's antenna range during tough times in which Internet connectivity is complicated. All messages sent through the Bridgefy messaging app mesh networks are encrypted. Please keep in mind Broadcast messages can be seen by anybody nearby.
How to start using Bridgefy:
1.- Turn on Bluetooth
2.- Open Bridgefy, making sure you have an Internet connection (only needed the very first time you open it). Give the app location permissions (to use the Bridgefy technology via Bluetooth).
3.- Go to the Broadcast tab
4.- Start sharing messages with people that are within 330 ft. (100 mts) from you
Please refer to the FAQ tab for instructions on how to start a private chat!
You don't need to add contacts to Bridgefy. The app automatically detects other Bridgefy users around you and lets you chat using the Broadcast section.
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Bridgefy - Offline Messages
Bridgefy - Offline Messages
Bridgefy - Offline Messages


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