BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story




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Your story becomes our universe.
Let's create a universe together! BTS Universe Story is officially launched!
◈BTS Universe Story Intro◈
■ The Most Beautiful Moment in Life - 7 Boys' Untold Stories
- Original stories based on the official BTS Universe
■ Create Your Story
- Create stories quickly and easily, or level up with expert tools!
- A totally personalized story-creation system
■ Make Choices That Impact the Story
- Uncover the fate of each character with your choices!
- A choice-based playthrough system where you influence the ending
■ Create your Own BTS Universe Collection
- Build your collection and your personal universe!
◈ BTS Universe Story Official Websites
- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:
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BTS Universe Story
BTS Universe Story
BTS Universe Story
BTS Universe Story


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