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Ready to build the whole city from stracth!
The town is in huge trouble! Roads are terrible and traffic is unbearable. The mayor has contracted you to build and fix all the roads in the city! Use this opportunity to upgrade your company and make big bucks!
This is the best hyper school for building and construction!
Features include:
- Pour rocks, spread them and crush them into asphalt. Put a finishing touch with a new coat of paint. Good job!
- Pour concrete and level it, then place the bricks and push those into place.
- Clean the dirt and garbage from parks, monuments and beaches.
- Build new infrastructure such as bridges, ports and train rails. Remember speeding up is important!
- Construct new power lines to buildings to bring them electricity.
- Upgrade and customize everything about your company including your HQ and vehicles.
Unlock new locations and buildings as you play!

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Build Roads
Build Roads
Build Roads
Build Roads


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