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An intriguing and unique side project called Talking Juan is centered on a virtual pet television show. The game, which is a blatant spoof of My Talking Juan, is only meant for players above the age of 18. Never give it to a youngster! Adults should avoid using the program at night since it might give them nightmares.

A talking cat named Juan performs the role of Talking Juan. Visually, he looks like a friendly and talkative Juan, but his dark complexion, crazy eyes, and large fangs give off a pretty ominous vibe. The main character toils while living in his own multi-room apartment.

He will make an effort to "entertain" his pupil. There are a number of icons with available functions at the top that may be used to interact with the talking Juan character. The player has the option to feed, shower, or put the Juan cat to sleep. Juan snoozes while standing up, and throughout the process, Juan makes loud, odd noises.

Features of the game Talking Juan:

The user will have the option to make fun of the cat in addition to their regular everyday activities. For this, there is a unique function. You might administer poison to a pet, for instance, and see the many phases of its agonizing demise. Nobody is attempting to hurt Talking Juan, though.

The same cat-talking Juan will serve as the primary character there. Juan attempts to avoid obstacles while flying through the air in the first draft. In the second, the talking juan character is sailing on a boat and avoids the rocks.

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Talking Juan Scary
Talking Juan Scary
Talking Juan Scary
Talking Juan Scary


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