Grand Master: Idle RPG

Grand Master: Idle RPG



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Stop playing lame games!
Silver? Gold? Diamond? NO It's Grand Master lol
Let's go promote the tier right now!

Idle Adventure RPG with an endless fun!
Coming sooner than you think… Grand Master!
Trust me. It's BIG enough. Unstoppable skills!
Claim your offline AFK rewards, and also MORE online AFK rewards!
Slay the Attribute Dungeon and level up!
Challenge the World Boss and achieve the highest damage!
40,000 diamonds that can draw 800 equipments are given as a reward to new users!
◈ A story doesn’t matter at all ◈
"The legendary Grand Master disappeared out of the blue."
After 100 years, Demon King revived and the continent was taken over by monsters. Soon after, the war broke out between monsters and humans.
Humans were defeated in three great battles that the army was disbanded. Then, the overwhelming numbers of monsters drove humans to the forest.
Now, the only hope is a new Grandmaster to appear and save mankind from the Demon King.
Heroes have emerged from all parts of the world to save mankind!
Run! The road to Grandmaster will be opened.
▶Never-Ending Action Game!!
Fun! Quick Status!
Move around! Fool around!
Some People Get Older. I LEVEL UP!
▶Powerful skills exceeding your expectations!
OMG. There are Dragons breathing fire and Ice Golems hitting the ground?!
Grand Master… Will do!
We will rock you! Defeat enemies with various skills!
▶Challenge yourself beyond your limits!
Grow with tremendous rewards!
[Breaking News] 40,000 diamonds as a reward for new users!!
Don't forget to take it!
Huh? You're in 2nd place? I'm in first place. NOOB.
You can't be a noob forever!
Become a Grand Master! Take the crown!
▶ The CDC says now you can be a Grand Master!
You got this. Look at all these skills!
You can feel "the energy"!
◈ Optional Access ◈
Grand Master: Idle RPG does not use sensitive app permissions that require explicit permissions.
◈ Minimum Specs ◈
Resolution: Support for all devices including Galaxy Fold 2
Ram : 3GB
Android 9 or above
Your device will need at least 300MB of available storage space to install the game
Terms of Service :

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Grand Master: Idle RPG
Grand Master: Idle RPG
Grand Master: Idle RPG
Grand Master: Idle RPG


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