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Fish IO


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Fish IO is the free IO game where you play as a shark with a sword. Join a fish multiplayer arena with beautiful but deadly tusks and hunt your prey while avoiding the blade of other players. Consume sushi for energy, gather fish heads like trophies, rule the sea, and you will be crowned king of the sea.
- Choose your fish and your weapon to be ready to fight
- Move around with the joystick
- Look around and eliminate other fish in the ocean by attacking them from the sides
- Be careful because other players can come and kill you anytime
- Eat food and other objects to gain boost and a higher score
- Many different kinds of fish and weapon to help your fish move faster, rush faster and gain shields
- Beautiful ocean world with 4 spectacular ocean themes.
- Relaxing soundtrack
- Completely FREE to play
Join to fight with other fish to become the champion!

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Fish IO
Fish IO
Fish IO
Fish IO


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