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myAlpha Wallet has been updated and is here, easier to use than ever!
Download the updated version, log in with your e-Banking credentials, add instantly all your Visa & Mastercard cards and make all your payments contactless with your mobile phone.
With Alpha Bank's new digital wallet you can:
• make payments, without opening the app, just by unlocking your device, e.g. via your Fingerprint
• add all your Visa and Mastercard debit, credit and prepaid Alpha Bank cards
• set as the default card for your payments the one that suits you at any time
• make payments with option to pay in interest-free instalments, just like using your Alpha Bank credit card
Even more convenience and speed in your transactions
Log in with your e-Banking credentials, once, with the download of the updated version. That's it! You no longer need passwords to use the app, as you remain logged in to the application.
No e-Banking?
Download the myAlpha Mobile applicationand complete your e-Banking registration online in a few minutes.
Download now the new myAlpha Wallet and simplify your daily transactions!
* The application does not support rooted devices *

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myAlpha Wallet
myAlpha Wallet
myAlpha Wallet
myAlpha Wallet


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