GL Show Jet Adventure

GL Show Jet Adventure



Green Blue Interactive
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Hold your finger on the screen to make the hero fly.
Stop touching the screen to make the hero go down.

The entire GL Show is here.
Stas, Dimon, Rafario, Odysseus and Maria!

Choose your favorite character and play.
Collect the coins but watch out for the traps!

How to play:
- Once you open the game press the PLAY button.
- The game starts immediately.
- As long as you tap the screen the hero will fly.
- If you take your finger off the screen the hero will go down.

- Choose any character you want.

Power Ups:
- You have 3 powers ups: Shield, Double Coins and Magnet.
- With the shield you withstand an obstacle.
- With double coins for every coin you get is doubled.
- With the magnet the coins come towards you.

- Avoid all obstacles / traps.
- Touch the icons of the power ups to get them.
- Collect coins to make your power ups last longer.
- Collect coins to get new companions.
- Defeat all robots.
- Set a new record with more meters.

Obstacles / pitfalls:
- Electric trap: avoid touching it until you get past it.
- Fire: stay away from it until it goes away.
- Rocket: watch out for the question mark to avoid it.

- After some obstacles / traps robots appear.
- Robots walk, fly or jump.
- Avoid them until your partner throws enough bubbles at them to defeat them.
- There are a total of 24 different robots.

- You always have a partner flying with you.
- With the coins you collect you can buy new companions.

Extra Information:
- The game is completely FREE.
- There are NO purchases with money.
- We support two languages. GREEK and ENGLISH.
- When you first play the game it quickly and easily teaches you how to play and how to make your power ups last longer.
- If you want to activate the training again you can press the SETTINGS button on the home screen. On the next screen, if the button in the center - right says "TUTORIAL: DISABLED", press it once to enable it again.

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GL Show Jet Adventure
GL Show Jet Adventure
GL Show Jet Adventure
GL Show Jet Adventure


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