ChipiTales: Hercules

ChipiTales: Hercules



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Chipicao. The perfect combination of food & fun!
Your favorite Chipicao products give you the power you need to play!
Discover the new Hercules Play Caps collection in your favorite Chipicao croissant, mini croissants, biscuits, and cake bar!
Download the ChipiTales App and start playing!
Embark on a legendary adventure with Hercules and his companions in his quest to complete his famous 12 labors!
- Over 100 characters to collect and Level Up!
- Exciting Turn-Based combat!
- Online and Local Multiplayer! Play with your friends or against them!
- Augmented Reality (AR) collection and gameplay! Have your team fight the enemy in your living room!
- A plethora of Elements and Weapon Styles that make your characters have different playstyles!
- Test your strategic mind by using different Team formations to achieve victory!
- Over 1000 lines of humorous and educating dialogue!
- Multiple difficulties for you to complete, can you achieve them all?
- Multilingual! Chipitales speaks English, Greek, and Romanian!
The storyline and featured characters are influenced by the relevant fiction of Greek mythology. Nothing shall be deemed as an exact copy and/or reproduction of the latter.
© 2021 Chipita. All Rights Reserved

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ChipiTales: Hercules
ChipiTales: Hercules
ChipiTales: Hercules
ChipiTales: Hercules


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