Doomsday of Dead

Doomsday of Dead



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[Game Features]
[Build up alliance, Survive doomsday]
-Doomsday is approaching, humans must fight for survival. Build up your alliance to scramble the remaining resource together, defend your homeland and be the living one.
[Upgrade weapons, Kill zombies]
-The number of zombies is increasing, and the variants are getting stronger. The existing technology will soon no longer be able to compete with zombies. Only by constantly upgrading your weapons and mounts can you suppress zombies and become the true master of the world
[Raid the boss, Get rich loots]
-Brand-new zombie dungeons. Slay the boss to get lethal weapons
[Crushing your rivals to survive]
-Crushing your rivals to scramble the remaining resource, safeguard your shelter and be the living one.
[Relax by slaying zombies]
-A large wave of zombies is coming, pick up your weapon to raid them and get the thrill of elimination

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Doomsday of Dead
Doomsday of Dead
Doomsday of Dead
Doomsday of Dead


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