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Smash all ragdoll enemies that come your way and see how far they fly from your punches! Become a real ragdoll fighter and prove who the ragdoll hero is here!
Ragdoll Smasher is an exciting and dynamic game that will relax and amuse you along with your ragdoll enemies. You have a bat, and the enemies want to stop you. Who will win this fight and become a ragdoll ninja?
How to play:
- Control the bat to beat the ragdoll fighters, scatter them on your way to the finish line!
- Collect keys, coins, open chests and new skins for your bat and gloves!
- Destroy explosive barrels, smash windows and set traps against ragdoll enemies!
- simple one-finger control
- fun and relaxing fight with ragdoll stickmen
- bright and stylish 3D graphics along with smooth physics
- interesting levels with new ragdoll fighters and bosses
- funny skins (you can take a frying pan!)
Have fun playing Ragdoll Smasher!

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Ragdoll Smasher
Ragdoll Smasher
Ragdoll Smasher
Ragdoll Smasher


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