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Cinema Face in your photos. The best and completely photo face swap app.
You can face swap live with your friends in real time and get the best face swap results on the market. Share all your creations with your friends and family for fun times. You can also superimpose your face onto any photo, or superimpose any object into your photo.
Cinema Face is an advanced tool that allows you to swap your face with anyone else's face across multiple photos. You can save one face from one photo, and face swap it again on a completely different photo. You can custom overlay faces using a special set of mask to pick only the facial features you would like. So for example you can mix one person's eyes with another persons mouth on any photo, or perhaps give a beard to your self, the possibilities are endless.
• Swap Faces in your photos.
• Easy to use, with realistic results.
• Save your photos to your gallery.
• Swap faces from 2 photos!
* Warning, this app is the best face swap app on the market, and uncontrollable laughter is inevitable.

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Cinema Face
Cinema Face
Cinema Face


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