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Shop adidas
Shop the latest adidas releases, including:
- adidas NMD
- Ultraboost
- Superstar
- Stan Smith
- and many more
In addition, you’ll also be able to browse our full range of adidas Originals and workout/performance gear, covering everything from running to soccer.
By downloading the adidas app, you can:
- Enable notifications to remind you of release dates of shoes or apparel
- Conveniently shop all adidas sneakers
- Order and pay in just a few taps
- Get handy alerts when your favorite adidas products go on sale
Your photo - your style
A brand new way to find the coolest adidas products – simply use visual search to take or upload a photo or an item you like, then see a list of matching products!
adidas sportswear and sneakers
adidas has been bringing top quality sneakers, clothing and sports accessories to the world for decades, all the way from running, to soccer, boxing, and everything in between.
Many of the world’s top athletes now wear adidas, including Lionel Messi and his Nemeziz boots.
These, along with the Predator boots and other highly popular soccer shoes are all available on the app!
One of the most recent innovations is the Ultraboost, a running shoe designed for the ultimate in comfort, support and stability. Get it now on the app!
In times like these, it's about being creative with how we take care of not only each other, but ourselves - keeping our hearts, bodies and minds healthy. Whether that means spending more time at home doing yoga in yoga pants and leggings, or exploring new sports like running, find out more about hometeam by downloading the adidas app.
Buy latest adidas releases
While we love sport and helping athletes reach the next level of performance, we also want to help people look and feel good with our clothes and apparel.
Many of our sneakers have become iconic in street fashion – it is almost impossible to imagine a world without the Stan Smith, Gazelles or Superstar.
Only the coolest sneakers
Whether you’re looking for new Ultraboost trainers or the latest pair of Stan Smith shoes, the adidas app is the best place for mens, womens, & kids apparel, keeping you up to date with the newest adidas releases.

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