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Smash the forces of evil and become the bravest Dino Knight ever!
Utilize all sorts of skills, runes, and equipment to become the strongest Dino Knight!
▶ Game Characteristics ◀
- Dynamic action to bring your brave Dino Knights to life
- An idle RPG for you to enjoy both playing and watching!
■Become the strongest knight
Grow more and more powerful by gathering materials from various dungeons!
■Aspire to be a dino hero
What’s it take to be the strongest dinosaur? Skills!
Combine a variety of skills to take down even more enemies.
■How to power train: leave it idle
You can automatically become stronger even when you’re not playing!
Your Dino Knights will never stop training!
The rewards don’t stop, even when you’re offline!

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Dino Knight
Dino Knight
Dino Knight
Dino Knight


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